Complete Your Profile

Keeping your profile up-to-date and complete shows that you are invested in Wheaton in Network and eager to connect with others.

Be Present and Active

People join WiN with the intention and expectation of connecting, so please respond to any contact within three days. If you’re too busy, you may temporarily pull yourself out of the search pool.

Recognize Roles

You can support your WiN connections in many ways:

  • Motivator: Express belief and confidence in other’s abilities, and encourage trying new things.
  • Resource: Teach and advise on how to make professional contacts, and introduce to new people, places, or ideas.
  • Supporter: Encourage open and honest dialogue, and be a listener.
  • Coach: Help others develop, and work to achieve, realistic and meaningful goals.

Suggested Career-Focused Activities

The following list offers several ideas about how to engage on WiN.

Career Conversations

  • Discuss the role of educational preparation in career fields
  • Share information about a current event or issue in a career field
  • Schedule a shadow visit, if appropriate
  • Networking pursuits
  • Coordinate introductions to colleagues or other contacts
  • Attend a professional association meeting or conference together
  • Discuss ways to conduct an informational interview

Job Search Process

  • Review a resume and/or cover letter
  • Conduct a mock interview
  • Discuss where to look for job/internships in specific fields

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