The Wheaton community is working all over the world in all sectors of society. Alumni are leading microfinance institutions, advocating for immigration reform, starting locally-sourced restaurants, running for Congress, composing movie soundtracks, managing hedge funds, teaching, planting churches, and much more. This family of Wheaties is vibrant, diverse, and excited to connect with each other.

Wheaton in Network (WiN) gives alumni and partners the opportunity to share their expertise and stories with the Wheaton community. Students can access and learn from Wheaton alumni around the world. All alumni can develop their own network with people who are eager to connect. Whether you’re a Wheaton sophomore deciding on your major, a recent graduate looking for a job change, or an experienced senior executive wanting to share your career advice with students, Wheaton in Network is for you!

Did you know?

  • There are nearly 3,000 alumni and partners in the Network.
  • Nearly 90 countries are represented.

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